Line Defense featured by Apple

Line Defense featured by Apple ‘LINE DEFENSE GETS FEATURED BY APPLE IN THE CATEGORY “NEW GAMES WE LOVE” Good News for ‘Line Defense’. The game gets featured on the US App Store and 100 more countries! This is awesome for the game #linedefense and the development team Legal Radiation 

Line Defense Major Update

Line Defense Major Update ‘LINE DEFENSE MAJOR UPDATE IS ON THE WAY Legal Radiation works on a major update of ‘Line Defense’ which includes several free mini games adding fun to the basic “story mode”. Players will have the chance to select any mini challenge they like to play. Each addition comes with unique gameplay, […]

Line Defense 2nd feature by Apple

Line Defense 2nd feature by Apple ‘LINE DEFENSE GETS ANOTHER FEATURE BY APPLE UNDER THE CATEGORY “WHAT WE ARE PLAYING TODAY” Nov 10 2016. Apple keeps playing ‘Line Defense’ just before the launch of the major update of the game, featuring it for the US audience under the category “What we are playing today”. The […]